CRMA have been successfully providing professional assistance to organisations who may lack the time, resources, equipment or expertise required to take their marketing to the next level, or who need a company to professionally maintain contact with their customers, letting them know they are valued. CRMA are data management experts and can provide solutions to reach 10 to 10,000,000 customers with direct, personalised contact creating real value for money which usually facilitates the growth of our clients' businesses.

If your organisation wants to gain 100 new customers who have never been into your business before and more than likely never will, this is NOT where CRMA can help. If you want to return 100 of your customers, who have had a previous relationship with your business; this is where CRMA excel.

Purchased databases are expensive and rarely targeted towards your business or your segment of the market. The data you have in your database is invaluable and an amazing resource. At CRMA we make the most efficient and professional contact with the customers on your database to maximise your return on investment. Our techniques provide superior results, as contact on your behalf is only made with customers who have used and enjoy dealing with your company.

CRMA see the value of creating programs which consistently aim to bring customers back, and keep these customers for the life of the product and beyond.

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