1. More professional
    Poor communication towards customers is detrimental to a business, as negative word of mouth is more powerful than any other form of direct marketing. CRMA are experts in professionally and consistently communicating with customers to maximise every contact opportunity, whilst ensuring we comply with all privacy requests. With an accumulated 35 years of experience in the vehicle industry, many dealerships have entrusted us in our ability to provide professional contact with their customers.
  2. We do everything
    Have you seen
    10,000 letters, who handles 500 SMS Responses or sorts through thousands of database entries? Have you considered how long it would take to phone 1,000 customers with quality contact and obtain the best result? Generally our only requirement from you is to send a database from your system to CRMA, which we then clean and filter. Depending on your requirements we remove customers who don’t have valid addresses, have privacy requests, may be other competitors, reside interstate, and the possibilities go on. In most cases around 5 minutes work on your behalf can result in your dealership making contact with unlimited contacts.
  3. You are kept regularly updated and given feedback
    When customer contact is made we gain 100% feedback, directly reflecting what is currently working, and where improvements need to be made. Our targeted approach means we can have offers or personalised contact for specific customers which are relative to them, not just a broad brush approach hoping for the best.
    Ongoing analysis allows almost instantaneous changes to be made regarding future actions, decisions on what customer contact method works best for the company, and how to improve current customer retention.
    Reports from all programs are provided to our clients, this ensures programs are kept accountable and illustrate the return on investment.
    We have standard reporting methods, although can provide customised reporting upon request if there is something specific you would like to see.
  4. Dedicated Staff
    At CRMA the job is always done on time. We do not have sick days or holidays; we are never short staffed or too busy to get the job done. In simple terms, if we don’t get the job done, we don’t get paid. So when we formulate a plan with our clients it is done on time every time without you having to follow up.
  5. Innovative Concepts
    We continually consider new and innovative concepts, to find the best way to increase the amount of customers returning to your dealership. As CRMA are experts in customer contact and retention, we are constantly considering different forms of contact which may have more benefit to your company compared to current contact methods, or confirm why the current method works best

Who are we?

Customer Retention Marketing Australia is an established and privately owned business which has been providing marketing solutions to clients throughout Australia since 2008.

When CRMA first entered the market, the managing director Jason Fisher worked alone to complete all jobs; including data cleaning, managing client satisfaction and contact, as well as simultaneously marketing the company to potential new clients. CRMA has grown from handling a small number of local clients to its current position of supporting numerous small to large sized businesses from all over Australia. As CRMA's client base has developed, the company has expanded by welcoming new employees, and investing in new and advanced equipment. These changes allow our jobs to have a speedier turnaround time whilst remaining at the forefront of customer contact.